Friday, September 23, 2005

Oscar the Cat- 6/89-9/23/05

With incredible Sorrow, I report the passing of my Cat Oscar. She was an excellent cat and my longest relationship with a female of any species. I'm bummed. I'll miss her.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

What I Did on My Summer Vacation
Originally uploaded by Nick Allison.

Apparently George and George were able to sneak in unnoticed for a little Nawlins fun!

New addition to the family....

We interrupt the local political discussion with this report...

Well, for all you geetarists in pigland, I won my first ebay auction a couple weeks ago...due to arrive today...2005 Les Paul Standard with 50's neck. Look at that AA flame top baby! All that's left to do is re-wire it to 50's specs and add some heritage hardware to step closer to the holy grail of tone. :) And just think, no more tuning excuses for more fine tuners and locking nuts....grab a kluson and go man go!

Next on the list...amp kit build...36 watt Marshall Variation. Let there be rock my bretheren! Here's to being at one with my Slash and Jimmy Pageness.

...Now back to your regularly scheduled program.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Clinton launches withering attack on Bush

Go Billy, Go!

Yahoo News

Friday, September 09, 2005

Bush Disaster

Bush Disaster
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From Sky News. headline says it all.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Haven't been able to stop thinking of this T.W.

Well I wish I was in New Orleans
I can see it in my dreams Arm in arm down Burgundy
A bottle and my friends and me
Hoist up a few tall cool ones
Play some pool and listen to that Tenor saxaphone calling me home
And I can hear the band begin When The Saints Go Marching In
By the whiskers on my chin
New Orleans I'll be there

I'll drink you under the table
Be red nose go for walks The old haunts
what I wantsIs red beans and rice
And wear the dress I like so well
Meet me at the old saloon Make sure there's a Dixie moon
New Orleans I'll be there

And deal the cards roll the dice
If it ain't that ole Chuck E. Weiss
And Clayborn Avenue me and you Sam Jones and all
And I wish I was in New Orleans
I can see it in my dreams Arm in arm down Burgundy
A bottle and my friends and me
New Orleans I'll be there

English Perspective

sometimes you have to go out of the country to get the best perspective on your own, from the BBC

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Here's a good article from Slate that scratches the surface of the history of New Orleans:

Slate Article

BTW, if you punch up New Orleans on Google maps, there's a Katrina option with satellite images taken Wednesday.

More Kanye

Didn't see the concert but, here's a link to what went down on NBC's concert last night.

I must say, I picked this link because it amused me, but I spent a mostly sleepless night last night watching the news coverage on TV. It seems to me that the federal government is ill equipped to handle this (and I said so in a letter to my congressional rep, senators and the president). When Eli and Peyton Manning can get 30K lbs of food and baby formula airlifted to New Orleans, and FEMA can't get off their own backsides to authorize trucks and buses to the right place something is SERIOUSLY wrong with this country. Last night Nightline ran a piece on how they are "saving" people from their flooded homes and the helicopters are dropping them in the middle of the interstate (I-10) and these sick, destitute and infirm people are now stranded in the open FOR DAYS! This is SAVING people? Its obvious to me that no one is in charge of this operation. No federal employee is empowered or feels empowered enough to take charge of this, and that is the fault of the current state of the Executive Administration. Junior Congressmen from NY are screaming for Rudy Guliani and Tommy Franks and Dubya has appointed a "committee". This is government by the weak and small minded. This fucking stinks.

Friday, September 02, 2005


This can't get much worse. Read Paul Krugman today, he sums it up best for me. Write a letter to your local representative, your senators, the white house. Donate to the American Red Cross. What say we just rent a panel truck and fill it with water and take a pig-trek down to Nawlins? We could probably get there faster than the fucking federal govt.

whither Rudy?

I've been watching for the past week. What the fuck is wrong with both the local and federal govts??!

Everyone knew the storm surge was going to overwhelm the levees on Sunday, yet the local government didn't have a contingency plan for the levees bursting other than to bring people to the Superdome? Holy Crise! Where's Rudy??! Bush didn't send out ships until Wednesday??! What the fuck? Those ships should have been sent out Sunday night. At least compassionate cities like Houston and San Antonio have stepped up to the plate. But what about the corporations? Like GreyHound can't send a few hundred buses to help bus people to these relief cities??! What the hell?!

I gave some money to the Catholic Relief fund, but it is total madness that Bush can throw ALL our money away on IRAQ and not give a shit about the poor folks (and they are poor) who made the unfortunate choice of waiting out the hurricane. These folks paid taxes ALL THEIR LIVES to have no support whatsoever from the govertment.

This is America! We sent aid quicker to Indonesia!